Lizzy Love the Artist

I have always loved the stranger, quirkier side of life and that is exactly what I love to create; my art often described as the perfect combination of sweet and sour that glitters up the grunge!  As a lover of all things dark, whimsical, sweet & spooky, I throw in some bubblegum Goth with a touch of glam, punk, zombie & rockabilly pinup! 

I have never been a mainstream type of girl and certainly won't fit into your stereotypical cookie cutter artists role. I find beauty in the truly unique, big eyed creepy little cuties with a bittersweet sadness.  Growing up a child of the 80's, pop rocks princess, with an extreme fondness for anything candy coated, Kawaii Kitten & Ziggy Stardust;  All of which had a major influence in the work that I am creating today. I employ many different mediums when I create, anything from painting with acrylics, watercolors and ink to sewing with many different textiles, the end result always being a whimsical dream world filled with big eyed beauties and quirky monsters of all shapes and sizes.  


I am never truly happier then when I am in my studio drawing, painting or sewing, creating a whimsical dream world easily recognizable as my signature style of creepy cute;  from the haunting darkness to the rainbowtastic, my creations are lovingly sprinkled with a heartbreaking sweetness.

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Surviving Terminal Cancer

I tell my story not so I can get glory but so others can know hope!

Born with a rare form of cancer called sacrococcygeal teratoma malignant type 4 that wouldn't be found til I was 3,  and when it was finally found I was given a 10% chance of survival.  I had a large grapefruit size tumor attached to the base of my spine and spreading up, completely internal without any signs of it on the outside of my body.   Doctors would go on to remove the tumor, the base of my spine, the most powerful chemo drugs available in 1984 and finally Cobalt Radiation which is no longer in use today.

Against all of the odds I fought like any girl would and kicked the $*!t right out of cancer!  I was left with many battle scars inside and out, as well I have had to endure a life time of severe chronic back pain but on the plus I have learned to not take life too seriously and make the most out of each and every day.   

Each day is a gift and that is why we call it the 'present'!

When I was old enough to speak I began to complain that I couldn't sit down as it hurt too badly to do so.   My dear mother would take me to many doctors repeating the problem yet they continued to send us home with a diagnosis of constipation and some laxatives.   Bless my mothers heart for not giving up or listening to the nitwit doctors who told her she was being ridiculous and hysterical. 

Finally we met Dr. Armour who took one look at me and sent me straight to x-ray, later that afternoon I was on the operating table which would be the first surgery to remove the tumor.   Unfortunately when the cells continued to come back they realized the base of my spine would need to be removed to prevent it from spreading further up my spine.  Followed up by 1 year of chemo using a cocktail of the most powerful chemo drugs we had available at the time and 28 straight days of Cobalt Radiation to my lower back and pelvis.

The side effects of the Cobalt Radiation on my body have been widespread and ever increasing as I age.  Right from the beginning the radiation destroyed any and all remaining Cancer cells, and everything else in its path.  All of the fat cells in my butt and hips as well as both ovaries were destroyed, leaving me disfigured and unable to have children.

Too positive to be doubtful ~ Too optimistic to be fearful ~ Too determined to be defeated!

I began to look for help in reconstructing my disfigurement when I was a teenager and my body wasn't growing properly.  Since I no longer have any fat cells around my pelvis I was left with a cavity where I should have a bum.  Besides the obvious problems of pants not fitting and schoolyard teasing this also makes sitting extremely painful.  I was unable to find a doctor that could help me and most just gave me the "go to" line of "wait til your 18 and your body is finished growing" so that is what I did. 


At the age of 18 I used our new toy at home called the Internet and began searching for a doctor that could maybe help me.  I reached out and sent many letters finally getting a response from a plastic surgeon in Scarborough ON. and in 2004 I went in for the first of 3 reconstructive surgeries.  The first one would be to insert temporary tissue expanders which would create the pockets and stretch the skin for the permanent implants.  A year and a half later they were removed and the permanent implants were put in.  Then 1 year later the large scar where my tailbone should be was cut out to leave a small scar instead.

Unfortunately these surgeries were not everything I had been dreaming of.  The hope was to have a bit of the disfigurement corrected so that pants would fit properly and it wouldn't look too odd. As well as eliminate the pain involved with sitting. These surgeries were some of the most painful days of my life including a terrifying few days where it was unknown if I would ever be able to walk again.  


When I was fresh out of recovery my bum actually looked AMAZING but unfortunately that was short lived.  As the swelling went down I was left with something not much better then I had and new pain from the implant pinching my sciatic nerve and leaving me in a chronic state of sciatica.  Sitting is still one of the most painful things I can do and my pants still wont stay up on their own.  As well I have been seeing this thing called a Brazilian Butt Lift  where they can take fat from one part of your body and move it to another, a procedure that I was told in 2004 wasn't possible.  

My condition is so incredibly rare that most doctors have never seen it and so do not know what to do with me.  I generally end up passed around and going in circles.  It is known that the worst of the long term side effects from Cobalt Radiation begin around the 40 year mark which I am about 7 years away from currently.  So I take each day at a time and try to make the most out of all the good days that come my way.   

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Becoming an Herbivore

The damage left behind from chemo and radiation has been widespread and most of which I had believed to be permanent.  Consuming 40+ pills a day in pharmaceuticals and suffering from the same debilitating issues as someone in their 70's - 80's I knew if something didn't change soon my days were numbered.  Doctors didn't have any answers and only prescribed more pills which seemed to only make me sicker.   I decided to take to the internet and try and find my own solution. 

That is when I discovered Dr.Greger of Nutrition Facts and my life began to change for the better.  I consumed all of his 'bite-sized' videos and learned about the dangers of eating animal products and the life saving benefits of switching to a completely plant-based diet.

I am thrilled to report that just over 7 years as a vegan now and I am off all of the pharmaceuticals except 2. I use the power of plants to thrive as my best self and have also taken on a new hobby.........gardening!  Plant based eating has given me back a life that I never even realized was possible.  

I have even "veganized" most of my favorite foods and am currently working on an ecookbook called "Vegan Comfort Foods" which will be available on this site for instant download sometime in the summer of 2018. 

If you are suffering from unrelenting health issues or just want to improve upon your already good health.... I am happy to offer my guidance to anyone looking to transition to plant-based eating so dont even hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have.  I am 100% sure that you can make this transition without surrendering any of your favorite flavors while enjoying all of the many benefits plant-based eating has to offer!