Jan 10, 2018

Join me for tea?

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Tea's in the kettle and biscuits fresh out of the oven....what's on your mind? Lets use this space to get to know each other better. Feel free to post whatever you would like to discuss in our Tea & Biscuits forum!


We are all friends here and sometimes you just need to let it out.......or tell somebody about your amazing day!


Whatever strikes your fancy ...........share with like minded Oddballs.



Jun 29, 2018

Had to laugh when I joined the Birthday Club and it asked for my age Group. Ummm...I be OLD but I still love the creepy, just in case you're wondering. LOL

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  • After our recent Design Team Call we are excited to introduce Team Oddball 2019! Take a look at the fresh new work and familiar work that you already know and love HERE !
  • its lonely in here and your tea is getting cold
  • Hey there Oddballs. What are you all up to this fine Sunday? I am working on a custom hand painted fairy tote. I started designing my totes in 2013 .... i never used any patterns as they are all one of a kind. The first 2 that i ever made i created for my mom and I. This way we could use them and over time learn their strengths and weaknesses. I was able to learn alot actually and from there created a second one for myself making adjustments based on what i had learned. I am still using that tote 4 years later and i could carry around bowling balls in it and it would not hurt it. They are built to last a lifetime! My totes average about a hundred hours into their creation so i dont make many of them but........ I was also able to learn little details that add a touch of convenience to the bags ......one such detail for example is a little metal ring clip attached to the inside top of the bag that keys can be clipped to and in this manner they do not get lost in the bottom of the bag. Anywho..... i am quite long winded and i have much work to get back to .......and i actually already typed all this ......and more all out once already but lost it all when i tried to add pics 😐 so i will leave u with a couple of links for pics Facebook tote bag album More pics Also check out my instagram stories @oddballartco for "wip" pics from this current custom fairy bag........ they disappear though ....... https://www.instagram.com/oddballartco/?hl=en

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